We are honored to display here this outstanding bouquet of international entities that we sincerely consider as partners to the success story of our company

This distinctive and diverse group of international companies is the beacon of the oil and gas industry around the world and it is an honor to display their names in the most important page of this website "Partners of success"

Although we did not implement contracts with many of them, but this is not the only definition of success, We were invited to visit a number of their headquarters and we had the honor to welcome these invitations and meet with their leaders on many occasions to arrange different matters about potential business opportunities. Also we were honored to welcome number of them at our headquarters in Cairo.

We studied and evaluated several business opportunities together. Both of us have flown over the seas and continents to sit down with each others at the same table, and we are proud of this and fully appreciate those who have spent their time and effort to communicate with us. We have always put this distinctive bouquet in mind taking into account their accumulated experiences, great abilities and diverse capabilities and the most important of all, in our opinion, is the spirit of cooperation that distinguishes them all, and also the honor and the absolute transparency in the work and also on the personal level.

Last but not least, we would like to say “thank you” to all of them and to say to those who we have approached contracts with; 

"We hope to work with you again and again"

And for those who we have not been fortunate to conclude contracts with them

"During our numerous meetings, we exchanged vast and distinctive experiences. We exchanged ideas and innovative solutions. We worked to solve many problems and worked together for long hours and many days and we gained a lot from each other. That is why we will one day be a great team in an outstanding and profitable project, we consider this as the true success and that is why we are proud of you and hope to be able to implement some contracts with you in the near future"


Sincerely yours