“IPSP” has the competencies and the know-how of designing and constructing natural gas networks and pipelines from any offtake to any destination, with full compliance with the laws and regulations of Egypt and latest International Standards.



  • External and internal installations of high pressure and medium pressure pipelines and low-pressure polyethylene networks for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
  • Conversion of residential and industrial appliances.
  • Pipeline construction services from total project delivery to specific project supervision contracts.
  • EPC contracts for the fabrication, assembly and installation of pressure reduction and district regular stations.
  • Operation and maintenance for natural gas installations, plants and networks. Engineering, design, maintenance, technical support and consultancy services.
  • Gas pipeline engineering, process design and installation.


  • Land Survey: using total stations and global positioning system (GPS).
  • Property and Appliance (P&A) Survey: full detailed survey of all properties to identify the following:
  • Customer Reference Number (CRN)
  • Nature of each customer or property
  • Number and type of appliances
  • The equivalent gas load for all customers
  • Customers Classification
  • External and Internal Installations Routes.
  • Engineering and Network Design: complete and detailed engineering and design of the high, medium and low pressure transmission and distribution networks, ensuring the application and design of the International Codes.
  • Construction Drawings: Networks construction maps and Installations isometric drawings.
  • As built Maps.
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  • Design and construct service delivers future-focussed practical solutions designed to ensure your operation is commercially efficient and effective while upholding industry best practice environmental and safety standards. Our experts understand the different needs of each client, whether you need the large forecourt space and quick turnover of a regional retail hub or the serious speed and volume of a road transport refuelling hub.
  • It’s our job to keep up with the rapidly changing legislative environment governing retail fuel outlets and plan your build to meet and exceed all applicable regulations. We’ll take care of everything, from the design and approvals process to project management including decommissioning and removing old equipment, excavation, installation of Underground Product Storage Systems and installation of all pipework dispensing equipment and systems