Our Approach

On mature oil fields, maintaining wells in profitable production the longest time possible has become a growing and continuous challenge for producers: high percentage of incoming water, excessive accumulation of sand around the pump or paraffin along the tubing have been the major concerns for keeping such marginal wells into production.

Pump-based conventional lifting Systems (Pump-Jack and ESP) have not been originally designed to address these specific issues of marginal wells and show important disadvantages on these wells with high water cuts in extracted fluid, costly water recycling, high inherent energy, work-over and maintenance costs.

Therefore, operators have lost interest in these low production wells because of their poor profitability and ended up stopping their production for lack of suitable solution. This is then reason why hundreds of thousands of oils wells have been abandoned ail over the world due to technical and economical limits of conventional extraction Systems, thus leaving more than 50% of valuable identified reserves in the ground.


IPSP, provides LASTOI Limited Co. unique, high performance patterned mechanical extraction technology which is specifically designed to address typical issues of oil production on mature fields and marginal wells.  Fundamentally different from conventional technologies and showing a particularly high adaptability to natural well production principles, it resolves most typical problems encountered with pump based Systems

The unique features technology offers an ideal solution for pushing back the limits of recoverable reserves in successfully replacing pumps on marginal wells still in production and has no equivalent for reactivating inactive ones.

Thanks to its distinctive nature, reliability, cost effectiveness relative to other processes, minimal maintenance and optimized production capabilities our technology has been approved

Equipment is environmentally friendly and meets international environment preservation rules.

This Technology optimizes production on mature fields and pushes back the limits of recoverable reserves.

Soft method for oil recovery maximizing productivity on suspended, inactive or marginal wells.

  • Unique technology for inverting the oil/water cut ratio.
  • Low energy requirements.
  • Easy, simple & quick to install solution
  • Highest possible compliance with environ mental requirements (gas capture & optimized water recycling)

Our Story