Mohamed Attef

Eng. Mohamed Attef has been working in the oil and gas field since 1997.He has graduated in private sector positions starting with his work in Genco Petroleum Group and TAQA arabia group. He has represented TAQA EPC, the gas sector, in a number of Arabian countries and participated in the early stage of his career in the technical evaluation of projects and later contributed in the economic studies.

Attef has moved on at an important stage of his career to become the CEO of number of private sector companies operating in the oil & gas field and has been characterized by a sophisticated mentality, insight and vitality, which eventually led him to the establishment of an investment private vehicle “IPSP” and become one of the main founders and shareholders and also holds the most important executive role in addition to the membership of the Board of Directors until recently elected as the President of the company.

As such, Atef contributed to the realization of the IPSP's vision, which was developed from day one and contributed in raising the level of implementation to reach the apex of international standards.