IPSP currently operates a large drilling fleet. Construction of new oil and gas wells on land is one of our largest business segment. Our fleet consists of:

  • Electric (SCR) with Top Drive drilling rigs (1500 - 3000 HP)
  • Truck mounted drilling Rigs with Top Drive (1000 - 1300 HP)
  • Truck mounted Workover Rigs (550 – 1000 HP)
  • Pulling units (250 – 350 HP)


Field Development Activities:

  • Subsurface G&G Modeling.

  • Hydrocarbon asset valuation.

  • Production depletion strategy design.

  • Production forecast.

  • Field rejuvenation.

  • Turnkey field operations.


We provide integrated services:

  • Consulting
  • Casing & Tubing running tools.
  • Inspection
  • Gauge instrumentation.
  • Jars & shock sub.
  • Reamer & stabilizer.
  • Mud logging unit.
  • Mud chemicals and services.
  • Fishing tools.


IPSP applies the most advanced techniques constantly paying attention to research and development as well as to investments in drilling rig population upgrade and its equipment with state-of-the-art machines and techniques.


IPSP has at its disposal highly qualified personnel possessing expertise in drilling and workover of deep onshore wells in diverse geological and climatic conditions.


IPSP aims to achieve the highest quality standards of drilling services rendered, industrial safety and environment protection. Within the framework of this high-quality-standard-and-procedure policy implementation.


IPSP applies advanced drilling and well technologies in our work and regularly take part in scientific conferences and related research work, developing new experimental technologies and devices.


The main investment direction of IPSP is upgrading the range of drilling rigs and equipment with the best technologies available.


IPSP daily seeks to transform the company into the most preferred (both for operators and customers) contractor of drilling services.


We are proud of our team of highly qualified professionals with vast knowledge and experience of drilling oil and gas wells, as well as providing workover services for all types of wells in different geological and climate conditions.


Taking into account the depletion of existing oil and gas fields and constantly increasing technical complexity of managed pressure drilling of exploratory oil and gas wells, only new technologies of drilling oil and gas wells can help to maintain and increase the volume and efficiency of production.